When Damage Occurs to Your Houston Home or Office, Getting the Most Accurate Estimate is Important

Damage, to your Houston area home or office, whether storm, fire, mold, or water-related, is disrupting to your everyday life and can result in extensive residential or commercial property damage.  The only thing on your mind is returning your property to its original condition, but it is also important to make sure the insurance estimate is as accurate as possible.

This is where Write My Estimate, in Houston, comes in with the Xactimate Damage Estimating System.  If you have experienced property damage recently from a storm, fire, water, or mold, contact the industry experts at Write My Estimate for a free no-obligation consultation. (678)713-8848

Who is Write My Estimate, in Houston?

Write My Estimate, in Houston, is an industry experienced property damage estimating service, dedicated to excellence, using Xactimate software. We serve Houston home and business owners whose property has been damaged.  However, our clients include contractors, homeowners, adjuster’s, and lawyers.

What is the Xactimate System? – Houston, TX

Xactimate is a software used by the majority of insurance providers to price materials and labor as precisely as possible. An Xactimate estimate will outline all exact items necessary to restore a residential or commercial property to its previous condition.  The accuracy, of Xactimate, is underscored by its ability to provide zip code specific pricing, which is updated monthly.  You will receive the best, most accurate estimate with Xactimate from the experts at Write My Estimate.

How Does Write My Estimate Use Xactimate? – Houston

As stated, Xactimate is the software used by Write My Estimate to prepare Houston area residential and commercial property damage estimates.  It provides us the required accuracy in determining the cost of mitigation and repairs to damaged residential and commercial property.  Insurance claims and settlements are often loaded with disagreement regarding what is fair and reasonable in restoring the contractual rights of the insured.  A professionally written Xactimate estimate represents the negotiating position of the party explaining its opinion of the right course of action.

Houston Xactimate Damage Estimates for Residential and Commercial Properties

The Houston industry experience, of Write My Estimate, combined with this incredible industry software allows us to provide you the most accurate property damage estimate in the industry.  Home or commercial property damage is stressful enough.  We can relieve some of your stress by making you feel comfortable that you are receiving everything deserved to restore your property to its original condition.

Contact Write My Estimate, in Houston, Today to Receive your free, no-obligation consultation.  Remember, we are on your side.  (678)713-8848

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