Writing an estimate

If water based disaster has struck your home or property, or you are a repair professional who is consulting with owners of damaged homes or properties, you might benefit from having a professional begin writing an estimate. Many victims of tragedy don’t realize that they don’t have to wait on their insurance company. In fact, many survivors have generated a much greater, and fairer, settlement by using their own independent estimate writing company. If you have a future or pending water damage insurance claim, Write My Estimate can help you more than you could ever know.

With over 30 years of combined experience as field adjusters, in addition to an expert knowledge of modern technologies for damage estimate writing like Xactimate, we turn the chore of writing an estimate into a smooth, streamlined, successful process. If you are a homeowner or property owner with a water damage insurance claim, Write My Estimate will use our vast experience in both classical and modern estimate writing methods to ensure you get the best possible insurance claim estimate to fully and successfully restore your water damaged home or property*. Our highly qualified personnel can be your single biggest advocate in quite possibly your greatest hour of need. Write My Estimate is there for you!

For restoration professionals, Write My Estimate can function as your greatest asset in helping your clients understand what they are entitled to in regards to their water damage insurance claim. Following the example of our founder, Scott Harper, we strive every day to respond to your inquiries quickly, efficiently, and as accurately as possible. A slow reply when you need help writing an estimate is no good for your bidding process. An incomplete estimate is no good for you in your bidding presentation, because it implies you do the same kind of cut-rate repairs. An inaccurate estimate is also no good, because it will either cause you to overbid or underbid for water damage insurance claim restoration services. You need the best of all three worlds. You need Write My Estimate!

We can help property owners and construction personnel with writing an estimate for natural disaster and man-made disaster situations. We can help with your water damage insurance claim for water damaged homes and properties with damage caused by sewer drain back-up, leaking foundations, flooding, roof leaks and broken water lines. We can write estimates for mold remediation using the protocol written by the latest environmentalist standards and regulatory mandates. Call or contact Write My Estimate today, and be one step closer to water damage remediation!

* subject to state regulations