Write an estimate

When disaster strikes, or accidents happen, it can change the lives of homeowners in a hurry.

When the dust settles, it’s important for homeowners to have someone around who is looking out for their best interests*.

Many homeowners and property owners don’t realize they don’t have to wait on their insurance company to write an estimate for home insurance claims.

If you happen to be a repair contractor who is offering your restoration services to those in need, it might actually be just as helpful for YOU to have an advocate.

Write My Estimate, and their outstanding team of Claims Service professionals, can not only write an estimate for you to present to the homeowner, but they can actually help you communicate the entire process to homeowners who might benefit from successful home insurance claims.

When homeowners have home insurance claims for storm damage, natural disasters, or other methods of home or property damage, they have the right to use a company of their own choosing to restore or rebuilt their home and property.

They also have the right to choose their own company to write an estimate for those restoration services. Instead of waiting for whatever amount the Insurance Company’s field adjuster is going to attach to their damaged home or property, homeowner’s can look out for their own best interest by hiring an experienced professional to write an estimate for their home insurance claims.

They also have the right to choose who they want to conduct the repairs, instead of waiting for whomever the insurance company is going to hire.

Why should homeowners have to wait on the Insurance adjusters to do their due diligence? Why should they have to settle for the Insurance Company’s appointed contractor?

Homeowners should know they have rights. They should know they have a choice.

At Write My Estimate, we take pride in having the experience and expertise to write an estimate quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

But we can do so much more! With over 30 years of experience as field adjusters, we know both sides of the coin. With an outstanding knowledge of Xactimate Estimate Writing, we have the technological ability to write the best estimate possible, even based off your own pictures and descriptions of damaged property.

With our knowledge, we can offer information that will help homeowners and contractors understand fully what to expect from the insurance provider.

We can help both parties understand this jointly, or individually. We can help homeowner’s understand the fullness of their policy, even before they decide to use you, the repair services contractor, to fulfill their home insurance claims.

We are licensed in states all over the United States. Wherever you are, and wherever we’re needed, we can absolutely fulfill the legal licensing requirements for that state or province. We understand the importance of both parties understanding the insurance policy provisions, including the deductible and other requirements that are specific to your homeowner’s policy.

For contractors, we can thoroughly complete the repair estimates, using Xactimate Estimating, and add your company’s logo to the official estimate document.

Please Call or contact us to discuss how we can help homeowners and contractors for the entire disaster restoration process.

* subject to state regulations