Estimate Writing

At Write My Estimate, we strive every day to exhibit the principles set in place by our founder and President, Scott Harper.

  1. Quick, Accurate Estimate Writing for Homeowners and Insurance Repair Contractors
  2. Expert Assessments of Claims Properties and Insurance Repair Estimate situations
  3. Honest, Legal, Forthright dealings with every single client, in every single claim scenario
Water Damage

Perhaps the professionals from Write My Estimate are so highly renowned for their Estimate Writing services because they are not only highly-trained in Xactimate Estimate Writing and Xactimate Estimate Writer Support, they have also spent over 30 years as field adjusters. Our people have inspected countless thousands of damaged properties, including property that has been damaged by storms. We have written insurance estimates upwards of millions of dollars for disaster claims on various properties. We have also worked extensively, in the field and remotely, with contractors, public adjusters, law firm representatives, and anyone else involved in the process of settling damage claims. Our track record is proof of our capabilities, and our willingness to go the extra mile for every client, so that your next insurance repair estimate is an example of the best estimate writing you have ever encountered.

We have years of experience and professional training for Estimate Writing, including Insurance Repair Estimates for:

As professional Xactimate Estimate Writers, we know all about paperwork. We also know many of your sales staff members probably do not like paper work. Write My Estimate can provide support to your sales team in a group or individual settings if needed. We desire to keep the entire estimate writing process as simple and profitable for you as possible. We operate by the 5P Program. “Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance”. We want to be a driving factor in your success, whether it’s getting the best estimate for your personal property, or helping you give residential customers the best pathway to total housing or property rehabilitation. We will always provide you with an estimate that is the best possible estimate you can get anywhere. At Write My Estimate, we call that our “Credibility Guarantee.” We can make sure you have the most viable, usable estimate in your hands as quickly, legally, and efficiently as possible. We make you look brilliant when you show up for the repair bidding process. Call or contact our professionals today, and be one step closer to meeting your insurance repair estimate needs quickly, professionally, and efficiently. Call or contact us us today!