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Are you a homeowner or contractor in need of a professional estimate writer for your Insurance Damage Claim? If so, look no further than the highly-experienced team from Write My Estimate!

Water Damage

Our Reputation

We provide all of the most current, most sophisticated Xactimate Estimating Services to contractors Nationwide throughout the United States, and even into Canada. Our team has an amazing amount of combined experience as field adjusters. Our people have inspected thousands of storm damaged properties. As the Xactimate Estimate Writer of choice for insurance companies, we have written estimates successfully into the millions of dollars. We have vast experience meeting with contractors, public adjusters, and law firm representatives to settle claims. We have handled claims ranging from minor roof damage, to total losses from flooding, hurricanes, and tornado damage. We employ only the most highly qualified, fully-licensed, experienced field adjusters and only the most capable, efficient, certified desk adjusters. All of our personnel have been thoroughly screened, vetted, are ready to serve your needs for an efficient, educated, estimate writer.

What We Do

Throughout the years our people have spent working in the field as field adjusters and as estimate writers, we have discovered what we feel are the most common problems that begin to arise when homeowners, contractors, and insurance claim adjusters begin to collaborate. We can share our versatility of experience and knowledge with all homeowners* and contractors that need our professional estimate writer services. For general contractors, we will teach your team what is missing in their interactions with homeowners and with insurance claim adjusters, and how to implement the missing pieces. What we teach your company will put major distance between you and your competitors. This information will forever make your company one of the most knowledgeable and sought-after contractors in your region, or even the entire nation for working effectively with both homeowners and their insurance providers.

Why We Do It

We have decided to use our knowledge to better serve the insurance repair contractors and homeowners*. We realized there are several missing links that always seem to intersect when all three parties, Homeowners, Contractors and Adjusters get together to solve disaster damage claims and reconstruction. We know exactly what a contractor can do to change their current system for the better. In this way, their dealings with homeowners, as well as insurance companies, will improve. Then, and only then, will they be able to carve out the niche in the insurance repair industry they so desire. What we bring to the table, for homeowners* and contractors alike, is honest, factual, viable information. We take great pride in knowing that we have lived and breathed every aspect of this business for many years, and can now share our knowledge with those who will benefit the most, our valued contractor and homeowner* clients.

How We Do It

Specifically for contractors and general contracting teams, we have developed an extensive 5-day training program.

Throughout the week of training, we will rotate between instructional group sessions and training protocols at your location, or the location of your choosing. We will also engage in actual client meetings with you and your sales team in the field. Imagine having Jimi Hendrix playing alongside you, and teaching you guitar while you are actually playing a rock concert! That’s the equivalent of having one of our highly-trained professionals work one-on-one with your team members in the field. Talk about fast-track to success! No other estimate writer can offer you this level of all-around expertise and training! Turn your team members into sharp, tactful, polished professionals in less time than it takes to snail mail a care package to a homeowner with disaster damaged property. Your team members will learn how to master their insurance knowledge as well sharpen their skills while learning what it takes to compete and win insurance repair bids. Have you ever wished you could read the adjusters mind? Now you can. Call or Contact today and request a schedule for company training dates. When the next disaster happens, and you have a real chance to help those left to rebuild their lives, you’ll wish you had.

* subject to state regulations