When Hail Damages Your Home, You Need an Insurance Estimate from an Estimator You Can Trust

What is Hail?  Hail is a form of precipitation produced during supercell thunderstorms and is falls in the form of balls or lumps of ice.  Commonly known as Hailstones, they begin as small ice particles that grow primarily by the process of accretion; to grow large.  The growth is a cyclical process due to the accumulation of water droplets that freeze together from the movement up and down through a storm.

Hailstones ranging in size from a pea to baseballs and softballs.  The hail may be small but can cause substantial damage.  The level of damage increases as the size of the hailstone increases.

Hail-related insurance losses, from 2000 to 2019, were approximate $8 million to $14 million per year.  Dallas homes and offices are a big part of this nationwide number.

Dallas Hail Damage Estimations by Write My Estimate

The destruction associated with Hail is directly proportional to its size.  Dallas residential and commercial properties sustaining hail damage will require insurance claims.  No city in the United States is immune from hail and its risks, including Dallas.

From minor damage to major hail damage, the Dallas Write My Estimate team is here to help, bringing experience inaccurate estimating of property damage from hailstorms.  Write My Estimate uses Xactimate software.  Our team members will walk you through the process from beginning to end.  We are available if you have any questions about your claim and you will have the reassurance that you will receive your settlement quickly and accurately.

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Preparing for the Financial Aftermath of a Hailstorm

Is it possible to prepare for the financial aftermath of a serious hailstorm? Does my Dallas area property insurance cover hail damage? These are just a couple of the questions to consider before the next hailstorm.

The Write My Estimate Hailstorm Process

From the interior to the exterior, we examine every inch of your property.

Write My Estimate is ready to help when disaster strikes.

The experts, at Write My Estimate, are on your side.  We work to get you the most precise hail damage insurance estimate, for your Dallas property, and not leave money on the table.  Yes, we will work with your contractor to properly format their claims.  Accuracy and attention to detail are in our DNA!

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